Frequently Asked Dentistry Questions

Dental care isn’t the easiest service to navigate at first, but at Cornerstone Dental of Rexburg, that’s completely fine. We want to make your appointment as simple as possible and answer questions upfront whenever we can. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get, so give them a brief review if you have a question that has not yet been answered.

For the best chance of keeping your mouth healthy, an appointment every 6 months works well. Some people may need to be seen more frequently. If you are unsure, call for a consultation today and we’ll make you a personalized plan.

Please bring an ID, yourself, your dental insurance card, and a list of the medications you are taking. If this is to be your first visit to Cornerstone Dental of Rexburg, please come early enough to fill out some forms.

If you need to be seen quickly or are uncertain which treatment is right for you, please call our dental office so an assistant can help you.

Cornerstone Dental of Rexburg does provide sedation upon request. Most often, Dr. Crofoot uses an IV to administer the sedation. This is for added safety and control. Dr. Crofoot also does oral sedation with a pill but finds it to be far less effective than with an IV. For more information, check our page on Sedation.

Absolutely! With our dental office so close to BYU Idaho, we are a perfect place to have your mission exam done. Dr. Crofoot served missions and understand the importance of good oral health to your success and health as a missionary, especially in foreign countries. We pay extra attention to any problems that could arise and give treatment as well as advice on how to prevent them.

There are really two questions in this question. These are “Do you accept my insurance?” and “Are you a contracted provider with my insurance?” To start, we accept all insurance policies* and will help you get the maximum benefit possible to keep your portion as small as is legally possible. Secondly, we are a provider certified by most insurance companies that provide services in this area, except for a few that would decrease the quality of care you receive.

If you have insurance from out of state (We do a ton of this for BYUI students) we know how to get the most from your insurance and will take care of that complicated process for you. Call us now for a free insurance consultation.

*Medicaid is not insurance and as such we do not accept new Medicaid patients. We reserve the right to refuse any insurance or treatment or change business insurance dental office at any time.

If you are frustrated with how many cavities you get every time you see the dentist, call us now for a “stop the cavities” appointment. We will give you detailed instructions and show you which products can improve your situation. We have helped so many people just like you stop the cycle. We believe prevention is the most important thing we can do to take care of your mouth. Quit trying to play catch up and take control of your situation. Call now and ask for a “Stop the Cavities” appointment.

We realize dentistry can be a big investment. So, we offer several options to help you get the care you need:

  • Cash, credit, or check
  • Prepayment in full to receive a 10% discount
  • Payment plans through Lending Club, Care credit or Mountain America Credit Union that don’t charge interest.
  • Spread the treatment over time to allow cost to be incurred slowly
  • Accept payment from insurance providers
  • Offer second options that cost less but still provide good service

Call us today to see how you can get the care you need.

While every person is different, the vast majority of people do need them extracted. Here are the biggest reasons…

  • Not enough room, they get impacted and cause pain, swelling, and/or loss of the next tooth
  • Waiting until you’re older only leads to more pain & complications
  • Even if they seem fine now, your teeth might breed more bad bacteria in your mouth.
  • They can cause inflammation, which is linked to major health problems like pre-term or low birth weights, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke
  • They can develop cysts or tumors which can cause significant problems
  • They can cause pain during mission trips
  • They can cause bone loss on other teeth that may require more involved cleanings for life and a less healthy mouth overall
  • They can be a source of bad breath

You will need to:

  • Consult to have your vitals recorded and have your health history completed (under Idaho law)
  • On the day before, drink lots of extra water
  • Pick up prescriptions the day before
  • Pick up ibuprofen and extra-strength Tylenol
  • Do not eat for at least eight hours prior
  • Do not drink liquids for three hours prior
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing that leaves your arms free and uncovered
  • Arrange for a ride as you wouldn’t be able to drive yourself home
  • Arrange for someone to watch over you for the rest of the day
  • Pick up some soft foods/protein drinks like Ensure etc.
  • If you are having surgery (wisdom teeth removal) and can take Ibuprofen, take 800mg an hour before the appointment with as little water as possible
  • Inform us of any health changes ASAP

  • These are general instructions and will be adapted to your specific health needs at the consult appointment

Warning-dentistry jokes are a little…. Well you’ll see

What time do most people go to the dentist?

Tooth Hurty (2:30)

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Dishes who?

Dishes how I talk since I lost my teeth

What do you call a dentist in the army?

A drill sergeant

What do you call it when you haven’t brushed for 10 years?

Tooth decade

How do you let your dentist know he is great?

With a little plaque

Why did the star wars rebels get their teeth whitened?

To get rid of the dark side

Why don’t Jedis get cavities?

They always have the floss with them

John has 50 candy bars. He eats 40 of them. What does John have now?

Cavities, John has cavities.

Why should you be kind to your dentist?

Because he has fillings too.



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