Dr. Bo Crofoot, DDS, AEGD


Get to Know Dr. Bo Crofoot

Dr. Crofoot’s career in dentistry spans over 15 years, and he truly loves being able to help so many people live happier, healthier lives through his work. His creative nature and love of challenges make this field a perfect fit for his strengths! To learn more about him, continue reading below.

Why Did Dr. Crofoot Want to Become a Dentist?

When Dr. Crofoot was younger, he was no stranger to the dental office. You name it, he had it – extra teeth, extreme overcrowding, fused teeth, and more. Because of this, he spent lots of time with dentists and oral specialists to improve his overall smile during those formative years. To his surprise, he found himself very interested in their work as he sat back in the treatment chair. Over time, he realized that he wanted to help others in the same way that he’d been helped!

Where Did Dr. Crofoot Study Dentistry?

After completing his associate degree at Ricks College and his bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University, Dr. Crofoot pursued his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Creighton University. Following graduation, he completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) degree as well. Over the years, he has attended other advanced training courses in order to expand his clinical skills, including Nobel Active implant placement, mini dental implants, dental treatment for sleep apnea, and anterior esthetic resin restorations. He is certified in IV sedation and even does routine sedation dental office checks for Idaho’s State Dental Board!

Outside of the Dental Office, What Does Dr. Crofoot Like to Do?

Dr. Crofoot and his wife Jodie have twins named Braeden and Brynlyn at home. Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, practicing archery, hunting, hiking, taking pictures, playing basketball, reading, and analyzing the stock market. He is also very involved in his church, especially when it comes to mentoring youth members.



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