Are You Visiting an Emergency Dentist Without Dental Insurance?

Are You Visiting an Emergency Dentist Without Dental Insurance?

Posted by Dr. Bo Crofoot Sep 08,2022

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Dental emergencies are often bad enough on their own. After all, they can do severe damage to your smile’s looks and health! However, things get extra dicey when you need an emergency dentist but don’t have dental insurance. You could easily think treatment would be too expensive. In reality, though, you could still get affordable help for your teeth; you’d just have to know how to go about it! That said, here are some tips for getting urgent dental care on a budget.

Recognize What’s Urgent and What Isn’t

When you don’t have dental insurance, you need to know what needs immediate attention and what can wait. It’ll be best to prioritize treating your most significant problems rather than those of lesser ones.

For instance, you’ll want to get immediate care if you have a loose or knocked-out tooth, painful swelling, jaw injuries, or bleeding. Meanwhile, you can delay treatment for issues like lost fillings, cracked teeth, or dull toothaches. Still, have the latter items treated eventually so they don’t worsen.

Decide an Action Plan for Dental Emergencies

In your situation, the only thing you should worry about (if anything) is your teeth. Therefore, make a plan of action to alleviate stress from your lack of insurance. It could include things like:

Stay Calm: Anxiety could increase your body’s pain, so relaxing will keep the situation from worsening.

Relieve Symptoms: Rinse with a salt-and-warm-water mixture to reduce irritation and swelling. You could also use a cold compress to stem swelling and bleeding.

Preserve the Injured Area: If you lost an adult tooth, place it in a glass of cold milk to keep it moist. Otherwise, keep from biting or stimulating the affected region.

Call Your Local Dentist: After you’ve dealt with your immediate needs, call your dentist at once to book a quick visit.

Consider Your Financing Options

While you may not have dental insurance, you still have options for getting accessible treatment.

For instance, talk with your local dental practice about their payment plans. Many dentists offer flexible financing programs like CareCredit and Lending Club. Others can help you get a loan through a credit union. You may even get a discounted rate for paying your dentist directly.

As you can see, you should still visit an emergency dentist even if you lack dental insurance. By following the tips above, you can ensure you’ll receive care that fixes your smile within a good price range.

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