What does a dentist hygienist do?

A dental hygienist is specially trained to clean teeth. They remove soft plaque and hard tartar deposits, polishing your teeth and giving you tips on how to care for your teeth at home.

What causes periodontal problems?

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in plaque. Plaque is a sticky film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva. If plaque is not removed, it can turn into a hard substance called calculus (or tartar). When plaque and calculus are not removed, they begin to destroy the gums and bone. Periodontal disease is a progressive condition that, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss.

What services does a dental hygienist provide?

A dental hygienist provides professional teeth cleanings, scaling and root planing, x-rays, and gum therapies.

What is the importance of regular dental cleanings?

Regular dental cleanings help to prevent gum disease and ensure gum disease does not develop into a more serious problem. Additionally, when patients maintain regular dental cleanings, they are less likely to develop dental decay or cavities.


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