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Dental Checkups & Cleanings – Rexburg, ID

The Secret to a Smile That’s Healthy for a Lifetime

Even if you have the best at-home care possible, no cleaning with your toothbrush and floss can compare to our professional checkups and cleanings at Cornerstone Dental of Rexburg. Dr. Crofoot and our dental hygienists work diligently to remove plaque and tartar, which both promote the development of cavities and gum disease, as well as spot and treat the early signs of oral health problems, before they can cause permanent damage to your smile. Whether you’re traveling the country or keeping your family’s oral health in check, professional checkups and cleanings are a must! Contact our dental office today to get yours completed!

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Why Choose Cornerstone Dental of Rexburg for Checkups & Cleanings?

The Importance of Routine Checkups & Cleanings

a parent and child checking in for their dental checkups and cleanings in Rexburg

Some people are tempted to put off their routine checkup and cleaning in Rexburg with their dentist because they have a good at-home oral hygiene routine, but the reality is, even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque, tartar, and oral health problems can still develop. With the assurance of a professional examination and thorough cleaning, you can rest-assured that your smile is in top-notch shape. Not to mention, with routine X-rays and a professional’s detailed eye, small oral health problems and other conditions like oral cancer don’t stand a chance to progress.

If you have dental insurance, most plans cover 100 percent of the cost of two checkups and cleanings every six months, meaning scheduling your bi-annual visits could help you save money in the long-run by minimizing your chances of needing serious treatments down the road!

What to Expect During a Checkup

a dentist showing a patient their X-rays

The first part of your visit will be your checkup, which will involve capturing X-rays of your mouth, a thorough visual examination of your teeth and gums, and an oral cancer screening. Once the X-rays are viewable, your dentist in Rexburg will examine them, looking for any signs of oral health problems that could be lingering below the gumline, like impacted wisdom teeth, decay between teeth, and infections. They’ll then conduct a thorough visual and tactile examination of your oral tissues, tongue, throat, and neck in search of any abnormalities that could point to oral cancer. Finally, they’ll examine each of your teeth and soft tissues looking for signs of gum disease and other common oral health problems.

If your dentist spots any issues during your checkup, they’ll make a treatment plan to tackle them before they have a chance to progress into something more serious.

What to Expect During a Cleaning

a closeup of a dental hygienist polishing a patient’s teeth

The next step of your visit will be a dental cleaning in Rexburg with your hygienist. Using a scaler, they’ll scrape away all plaque and tartar from your teeth, especially the areas that may be harder to reach with a regular toothbrush, like behind your lower teeth. Once finished, they’ll floss and polish your teeth with a gritty substance called prophylaxis paste. This helps remove surface stains, leaving your grin bright and refreshed.

If it has been longer than six months since the last time you visited your dentist, don’t hesitate to give our office a call so we can get you in for a checkup and cleaning. These visits are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile!

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