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Children’s Dentistry – Rexburg, ID

Protect Your Child's Smile from Day One

Going to the dentist can be scary. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure your family has an enjoyable experience at Cornerstone Family Dental. With premium dental care for your child, come and see why Cornerstone Dental is at the forefront of children’s dentistry in Rexburg. Give us a call today to learn about our dentistry services and set up a dental visit for your family!

Smiling mother and daughter

Why Choose Cornerstone Family Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Smiling young girl receiving dental exam

Our dental office recommends parents bring their child in within six months of their first tooth erupting or by the time they turn one. Our routine checkups and cleanings are relatively short in their early years. Much of their appointment revolves around teaching parents the importance of at-home care and treatments they may want to consider. Dr. Crofoot and Dr. Snarr are very gentle and only intend on briefly examining your child’s mouth for early signs of plaque or tartar and removing it as needed.

Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

Children are one of the most vulnerable group to tooth decay. However, certain teeth are more susceptible to developing decay compared to others. Molars and premolars carry many deep pits and grooves for food debris to get caught in, making oral care more difficult. To provide additional protection to cavities in baby and primary teeth, dental sealants can provide an additional barrier. These sealants are made from a mixture of glass and plastic called composite resin and designed to last a minimum of 10 years before needing reapplication.

Fluoride Treatments

Child with healthy smile

Children are still getting the hang of their oral care routine, therefore, they could use all the protection they can as they hone their technique and habits. After their cleaning, our dental office will provide a fluoride treatment that strengthens enamel, protects their teeth and reduces the risk of cavity development. Keep in mind that professional fluoride treatments carry much higher concentrations of fluoride compared to what you’d find over-the-counter.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Smiling girl in dental chair

If your child already has a cavity, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) can work to prevent the cavity from worsening. Not only does it work to kill bacteria associated with that cavity, but it impedes it from spreading to other teeth. Furthermore, SDF is ideal for helping young patients who struggle to receive fillings or have sensitive teeth. If you can’t get to our dental office as often as you need to, SDF can provide the protection you need.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Young boy recieving dental exam

It’s not something you’d ever want to hear as a parent, but cavities happen. If we determine that your child has a cavity, it doesn’t mean they’re about to receive a mouth full of metal just to restore it. Our dental office utilizes composite resin to effectively restore teeth damaged by decay. The good news is tooth-colored fillings are still incredibly durable without forcing you to make a change in your smile’s appearance.

Athletic Mouthguards

Child placing mouthguard

Is your child particularly active in football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or another contact sport? Instead of relying on mass-produced mouthguards that often feel uncomfortable and cumbersome, consider a custom-made mouthguard made by our dental office! Not only does it provide optimal protection, but it’s sure to get plenty of use thanks to its supreme comfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re in little league or a student at Brigham Young University in Idaho, a custom mouthguard is the real deal when it comes to protecting your smile.

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

A young girl wearing a purple shirt listens closely in school while doing her work

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) can have a lasting impact on your child. From the inability to breathe freely while sleeping to potentially negative behavioral and social impact to facial abnormalities, knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms is crucial. Fortunately, our team is here to help you navigate this common problem and provide your child with the treatment they need to breathe easier, rest better, and live a healthier life.

Learn More About Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

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